Why should I hire a professional photographer?

Are you making good first impressions? Most everyone understands the importance of an influential first impression. In the digital age, most often our first interaction with a potential customer is through our website or advertising. The internet expands our reach to potential clients around the globe, our competition is no longer just up the street, and customers can easily shop around. Today consumers are more informed and know more about you than you do of them. Frequently the only opportunity you have to impress potential clients is through the photographs on your business and social networking website. If that first impression is less than professional you may be losing business and not even know it.

What makes a photographer a professional?

Photography to a professional photographer is a business not a hobby and the business of photography is more complex than owning a camera. A professional photographer is educated and experienced in photography, art, advertising, business, and most importantly the legal aspects of all of the above. Professional photographers are business people whose product is photography and they have a vested interest in making you look good. Hiring a professional photographer means the representation of you and your business will be seen favorably to the world in your advertising. The difference to your clients can be you appearing as an expert in your field or a criminal in a police mug shot.