About David

One of the things that David appreciates most in life is the people he meets along his journey. He enjoys the friendship of others, conversing with them, and admiring them for who they are. Most of all he likes to hear the interesting stories of their life that have formed their character. Photography is a means for Dave to record the narratives and personalities of the people he meets.

Photography was part of David’s life at an early age thanks to the inspiration of his grandfather, a lifelong photographer. A few detours later, Dave found himself at the Rochester Institute of Technology passionately studying photography. Earning a bachelor degree in professional photographic illustration, Dave’s life has been a fascinating exploration ever since.

When not writing about himself in the third person, Dave enjoys life to the fullest. His free time is spent hanging out with his wife Julie and two energetic dogs. Together they enjoy being physically active bicycling, cross-country skiing, or hiking through the countryside.

If you see Dave, be sure to tell him your story.